This class introduces students to the technical and creative aspects of manual photography from alternative processes to digital SLRs. We will learn how to see and capture time in compelling compositions, create visual stories in single and multiple images, and explore conceptual approaches to photography. Students will become comfortable with the use of manual camera operations, and learn creative techniques for getting the shot exactly as they want it. Over the course of the program, students cultivate opportunities to present their work publicly.

Photography I - The 6 Elements of Photography

Photography II - Portraits and Perspectives

Photography III - Documentary & Storytelling Practices

Photography IV - Conceptual Photography

The number of sessions, dates and times are arranged according to the student or small group’s interest and availability. To arrange your class, please click on the button below. We will contact you at your convenience.

The CCC Project currently leads the Photography Explorations Class at Design Tech High School in San Mateo, California. Learn more about our work here!

Two Birds , Cyanotype by Design Tech High School Student, Michika Y.

Two Birds, Cyanotype by Design Tech High School Student, Michika Y.