Parent Reviews

Before starting, it was not clear to me that my daughter would learn idea structuring and grammar through the SHOOT. WRITE. SHARE. program. Clearly she has. I believe she has become a better writer, specifically by learning how to think through her writing assignments and projects before she starts to write. She still has structure challenges, but when I suggest changes to her, she understands my suggestions better after working with you.

My daughter is also more focused on capturing photos and videos to use in future blog posts. I can tell this writing course nurtures her creative soul, which makes my wife and I happy. Even though my daughter is a beginner, her blog looks great. She also has a lot of pride in her blog, especially now that our friends are commenting on her posts.

In addtion to the final, public product, I can tell that my daughter is becoming a more confident writer. This is what I appreciate most. I absolutely would recommend this program. Wish it was a class at their school.
— Craig, parent of a SHOOT. WRITE. SHARE. student
As a result of your work with my daughter, she has internalized writing as a process! She is more in tune to grammar, and has developed a critical eye for “good writing,” as not only a writer but also as a reader. And she is more adept at self-editing. My daughter is learning that writing is an important form of self expression. She’s not learning to write for grades or how to mimic a formula. I love that the program is so personalized, that the instruction is flexible and fluid, AND that my kid knows she can write about anything and in any format (poetry, research, fiction, etc) without hesitation.
— Donna, Parent of a SHOOT. WRITE. SHARE. and Photography & Writing student
Kathryn, thank you for your work with my daughter. You really connected with her and pulled things out of her that I couldn’t have imagined doing. Not only is she better prepared to apply to college, but I truly enjoyed listening to your dialogue and was pleasantly surprised at her ability to think, process and articulate. I don’t get to see that very often.
— Eric, parent of a College Essay Prep student
Getting into college today requires excellent writing and organizational skills. These are not always taught well in schools. Kathryn works one on one with my daughter every week and I can see the improvement by leaps and bounds. I recommend her highly as one of the best writing coaches for your college-bound high school student.
— Scott, parent of a College Essay Prep student
Kathryn is an excellent writing coach for reluctant high school writers, especially for memoirs or personal statements. She guides students through the process of finding their voice and narrative thread with patience and wisdom. In just a few sessions, my student escaped writer’s block and was proud of his work.
— Carol, parent of a College Essay Prep student