student reviews

One of my highlights from this year is writing. I have learned I like writing more because I wrote a lot with Kathryn. I learned to edit my writing more carefully and use vivid verbs and different adjectives. To bring my stories to life on my blog I learned to add more pictures and videos to illustrate my writing. Lastly I learned that comments and suggestions from my readers can motivate me to write more and improve.
— Zoe, SHOOT. WRITE. SHARE. Student
Writing on a blog is something I started in 7th grade and it has made writing so much easier and more fun than writing at school. At school, the writing that we do is really boring. However, when I write here on my blog, I get a lot more freedom. Also, I have a lot more time to prepare and edit whereas when I am at school, I have a set time to finish my piece. In addition, when I write on my blog, I get to choose my topic. This makes it a lot easier because I enjoy writing about that topic. Finally, when I write on my blog, I can read my writing out loud. For me, it makes it a lot easier to catch mistakes that I would not have been able to catch if I read in my head.
— Dean, SHOOT. WRITE. SHARE. Student
I am proud of the story I was able to tell - it’s honestly one that I didn’t even know I could tell. This workshop helped me to improve at writing in a conversational tone, and I would recommend it to students who feel like they have a story they want to share, but have difficulty finding a time and place to write it down. I personally enjoyed the multimedia aspects as it was not only an essay but an overall art project. The structure of the class helped me plan out my project and share it with a peer for feedback, which was really helpful in fine tuning my ideas.
— Marco, My Truth, My Story Student
“This past year, I became a much better writer than I thought I could be, thanks to you! I got to write about things close to my heart, and I had so much fun and lots of laughs while doing it. Now my blog is amazing and filled with posts!
— Anna, SHOOT. WRITE. SHARE. Student
I loved discovering a story in my life that I wanted to tell and through the process, I learned even more about myself and my story. I loved looking for great photo angles and looking through my parents old photos and graduation pictures. It was a great excuse to look more into their past life.

From participating in this workshop, I learned that my family and education are very important to me. I now know where I get my determination and work ethic from. I guess you could say it is in my blood!

When looking at what I’ve accomplished, I am most proud of conveying my story with a voice of my own. You could really hear my voice in my writing and also in my photos. The photos I took turned out amazing!

I would absolutely recommend this workshop! You find a story from your life and it’s something everyone should discover. I thought I didn’t have an interesting story to tell from my few 17 years of life, but this project showed me that I do.
— Sofia, My Truth, My Story Student