The CCC Project provides inspiring, personalized enrichment programs to creative youth who may sometimes struggle with putting their ideas into words, and most importantly, into action. We provide the framework to help you get even more curious about your own interests, dive deeper into your passions, and most importantly, share your creative work - in writing, and in any other medium - with the communities that matter to you most.


Well, there are a few reasons, but let’s start with the “practical.”

Have you looked at the essay questions on college applications lately? 

They're pretty intense. 

Admissions committees ask you to dig deep and write openly and honestly about important moments in your life, communities you're invested in, and issues you really care about. They want to hear about the things you completely geek out on, and your reflections on your own personal growth.

This can be a daunting task if you've never really taken the time to think about these topics before, let alone write about them - especially at a moment when it feels like your entire future is hanging in the balance. 

Here at The CCC Project, we help you articulate your ideas, share your passions, reflect on meaningful experiences and define your aspirations in preparation for college and beyond. 

Whether college is several years away, or you're facing the initial stages of your application process right now, The CCC Project works with you to discover unique and authentic ways to write about the topics, issues and moments that matter to you most. 


To us, it's not just about submitting stellar college applications when the time comes (although that is a pretty awesome part of the process).

It's about something much bigger than that. The CCC Project is run by artists who have spent a LOT of time making and sharing work they are passionate about. And from personal experience, we know -

  • When you take the time to really ask yourself, who am I...

  • When you get curious about your interests and experiences...

  • When you reflect on where you've been before deciding where you're going next...

You're putting yourself in the driver's seat of your own life. And that is an experience so powerful, it will stay with you through college and beyond.


Let's do this.